Saturday, September 24, 2011

Being Focused

Being Focused:

Start of practice and start of games. It is sometimes difficult to be focused coming directly from class to practice or games, because you have just been laughing and having fun with your friends. However, you need to know how to immediately focus on what you are about to do and what you want to accomplish. Getting focused before games is the most important. You need to know how to get focused and into game mode, so that you are ready right from the start. Most of the time when players and teams are not focused and ready they fall behind by 5 or 10 points early, and then have to comeback. You should not need a deficit to realize it is time to play. Or in practice; get ready and focused after running walls or a coach yelling, to realize it is time to get serious and focused.

 Losing Focus:

 The other thing is losing focus. Some may get distracted easily when waiting in line during practice or by friends and family speaking with them before games. Others may lose focus due to dwelling on mistakes, pressure, being nervous, or worrying. When this occurs, if it occurs, you just need to re-focus on what you are doing right and/or concentrate on the task at hand. If you lose focus due to negative comments, pressure, nervousness, or worry, use your strengths to re-focus. Your strengths are all the things you do well on the court. Losing your focus may happen from time to time and it is ok, but you need to regain that focus.

 Getting Focused:

 Being focused is very important, but some may not know how to get focused. The easiest way is to do the things that relax you and/or make you feel comfortable. This could be listening to music or just going over plays. A way to get focused when nervous, worried, or dwelling on mistakes is by RELAXING. Take a couple of deep breaths and think about what you are supposed to do, and remember that you have practice all the skills, and most importantly TRUST IN YOUR ABILITIES AND SKILLS. Another is having a queue word or something you can look at to remind you to get focused.

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