Wednesday, January 11, 2012


What are you expecting when you step onto the field or court? Are you expecting the best or the worse to happen? Are you feeling your mind with positive thoughts of your best performance or clouding them with doubt? Always expect the best outcome and trust that your training will allow you to perform your best. Aim high and believe that your efforts will be rewarded. Expecting the worst or hoping instead of knowing you will do well sets you up for failure. It puts into your subconscious the notion to fail. It also gives you an excuse to fail. So that if and when you fail you can say, “See, I told you.” Expect the best and you will receive that best.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Self Defeating thoughts

Are you beating yourself up over a less then desired performance. Often times when one does not perform the way he or she feels they should, doubts of ability can creep into the mind. This is never a good thing, because it mostly leads to more failures and increased worry. Having some doubts is normal and feeling a little upset about bad performances is too, but putting too much emphasis on the let down does not help one correct the problem. Try to acknowledge the mistakes and let downs while thinking about ways to do better next time and the things you did well. Doing this will help build on strengths while keeping a positive attitude about the things that need fixing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming back from injuries

Coming off an injury can be a tough thing. One side of you is scared that another injury may occur, so one may play scared or not be sure he or she can perform the same. The other side wants to return as soon as possible, which may cause re-injury due to rushing the healing process. For those that may be timed, ease back into your normal routine and make progression as you feel comfortable. Once successful healing has happen trust that your body is ready for reentry, but also listen to your body. It may be all in your mind that you are not ready to begin participating in activity yet; however, your mind may just be filled with worry and doubt-trust your body and rehabilitation. For those that get anxious to return, that thought can be that he or she may lose his or her spot, playing time, or skills due to the time off. One should but these thoughts in the mind because it more then often will cause one to rush the healing process, which can lead to another injury.